Your best green life. Your way.

The Alt Cult’s approach to a green life isn’t about being dictated to.

Every day, we’re told that we’re killing the planet. And it’s true. This big beautiful globe on which we live and depend on is paying the price for our ever-increasingly cushy tech-fueled consumerist lifestyles. And how we do love those lifestyles! So how can we be environmentally friendly without completely ditching our beloved cars, smartphones, designer swag, travel and juicy steaks?

It’s not about not caring enough or being unwilling to go the extra mile to preserve the planet. It’s more about finding a happy medium where we can totally and freely enjoy life whilst considering the environment – without being sucked into a vortex of stops, no’s and dont’s.

The Alt Cult is a space where you can find out about tips, tricks, food, gadgets and whatever else is out there to help you liveĀ your best green life. Your way.