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About Wonder$t⭐r

About Wonder$t⭐r

This isn’t about ‘representing’ anyone. It’s not about being the ‘voice of X’.

I wasn’t alive when movements like Punk and Punk Rock and Hip-hop began. I do however have a lot of respect them for all the things they represent and the mindsets they come with, along with skate and street art culture. I enjoy luxury, pretty things and the finer things in life. I don’t claim to be an omnipresent authority but I know about culture and I’ve been to some good schools who granted me a PhD on the matter.

I believe in old school things like hard work, respect and standing by your people. People you chose for their qualities and human values, not because they are ‘useful’ to you in some way.  

I love leather, I love studs, I love fashion, I love music, I love art, I love words but most of all, I like things to be exactly what they are.

Everything here is the culmination of all those likes, beliefs and to an extent, many dislikes of what has happened to them.

The views expressed here are my own and those of friends who feel the same way I do about these things.

After endless chats, it’s time to commit this stuff to screen because it needs to be said. In whatever shape or form. 

Why? Because too much of the fake and substandard is bad for the soul…