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Welcome to The Likely Suspects!

The Likely Suspects is a place where crime fiction readers can come to find out news about our crime and thriller authors and titles, as well as engage in conversations and debate about what’s slaying it in the world of TV, movies, and podcasts and what’s bludgeoning them to death.

We want The Likely Suspects to be a community of fans of the genre who love nothing more than shouting about the crime fiction they are enjoying – in whatever medium they are enjoying it. Every month we’ll showcase authors who are just publishing, as well as featuring recommendations from the S&S UK crime team, upcoming events, author features, monthly newsletters, future books to look out for and competitions to win early proofs or finished copies.

Above all, we want this to be a community for everyone and anyone who enjoys the crime and thriller genre. While we will be featuring our fantastic list of S&S authors, we will also be looking at who else is publishing in the genre. Readers want to hear from our authors, not just us, and The Likely Suspects will allow authors to explore whatever aspects of the crime and thriller genre that really intrigues them – or even got them into writing crime in the first place!

If you want to know what podcasts will become your new addiction, what TV shows will keep you hidden behind the sofa and what books will keep you up at night, then you are a Likely Suspect. Join our community today where we can guarantee you thrills, chills and a just a little dash of murder and mayhem.

So, please follow us on our Instagram and Twitter accounts to help spread the word and join in with all the fun.