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Bureo: Skateboards go sustainable

Better weather always gets you thinking about cruising in the sunshine. If you’re on the lookout for a sustainable ride or looking to add another board to your collection, check out Bureo skateboards.

Bureo make skateboard boards by collecting and recycling fishing nets abandoned in oceans.

The greens: The nets are cleaned, shredded and placed in a granule-making machine, which produces small balls of material then pressed in a steel mold. It takes 3 m2 of nets to make one skateboard. 
This method reduces greenhouse gas emissions by 70% compared to the production of traditional skateboards, The wheels are 30% vegetable oil and have a 100% recycled mechanism. 

Worth knowing: Through its Net Positiva program which sees it partner with other brands, Bureo has turned more than 22,000 pounds of old fishing nets into clean plastic pellets. This recycled plastic is then used to make high-performance outdoor gear. So far, Bureo has collaborated with brands like Carver on mini-skateboards and Futures Fins of carbon surfboard fins.

Where: You can find a list of retailers here or find them at other online stockists.

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