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Who Gives A Crap…!

As their name suggests, Who Gives a Crap is all about ahem…crap!

Who are they: a subscription service which has been going since 2013 that offers eco-friendly toilet paper.

The greens: Who Gives A Crap offers 100 per cent recycled or bamboo toilet paper. The rolls come with minimal packaging and are delivered to your house.
All their products are made without trees and they don’t use any inks, dyes or scents .

A social side: Who Gives A crap donates 50% of its profits to help build toilets in parts of the world where people don’t have them. As they put it, they’re “Good for your bum, Great for the world”. So what’s not to like?

Where: UK and Europe (click here for a full list)

Worth knowing: They offer free shipping on all UK orders over £20

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