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Kanye West and the case of the stupidly tiny slides

Now more than ever, people are keen to obsessively copy their favourite celebrities. Sometimes it’s easy to see why (whether or not you like said celebrity) but at other times the devotion is so strong and indiscriminate you wonder if/why people are losing their minds.

Enter Kanye West and his slides. A few days ago, rapper 2 Chainz and Kesha Ward tied the knot. Kanye’s choice of outfit for the wedding? A Louis Vuitton mint green suit, no shirt, 2 gold chains (obviously), socks and slides. The last part could be suprising but as we are all now used to Kanye’s antics, it’s no big deal. However, the fact that the slides were at least two sizes too small and his heels were hitting the ground was more than a little odd and totally laughable. And even Kim Kardashian squeezed into a gaudy lime green number couldn’t detract from the ridiculous look.


The tiny inflatable-looking slides looked utterly stupid. But for Kanye West’s many devotees, it was yet another incredible move from their style guru to launch a new trend. Like WTF? How can a grown man wearing kid size ugly footwear be a trend? Kanye’s style credentials have often been cause for concern but his many minions can’t get enough of his Yeezy sneakers (which non-believers deem ugly), dubious designs and unappealing treats such as his rubber cycling shorts. Fair enough. After all, if we all liked the same things life would be boring. But failing to recognise and admit that the tiny slides look utterly stupid and hailing it as a new thing is insane. If a normal person had worn them they would have assumed something was off but because it’s Kanye, it’s something fresh and new. Well, it’s definitely NOT.

Surely people should be able to draw the line somewhere. What next? Kanye will wear a bin as a hat and his fans will rush to the same. Obsessing over celebrities is a thing but they, Kanye included, are not infallible gods and people should be lucid enough to recognise that. We’ll soon doubtless see all sorts of Yeezy’s fans rushing to copy their master and squeeze their feet into stupidly small footwear. They’ll look like fools – and we’ll definitely be judging.

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