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The MoMA Gucci Lady

The MoMA Gucci Lady

The Anonymous Records are a way of recording those great/ fun/ interesting people you meet fleetingly in everyday life and on your travels and those interactions that happen in the moment and make up the stuff of living.  Because they’re worth remembering…

Certain things are like catnip to people who love Fashion and a retrospective is one of those very things. That’s how I found myself scuttling straight to the 6th floor of MoMA to check out the “Is Fashion Modern” exhibition the day after landing in New York (yes, jet lag is for the weak!)

Well I said “straight to the 6th floor” but that isn’t exactly true. Rewind to that morning. After breakfast which consisted of a very criminally good cronut at the Dominique Ansel bakery  (hazelnut and banana jam anyone?) I made my way to MoMA with the firm intention of taking in as much art as my brain could handle. As I was on the Subway to Fifth Avenue, a lady came in and stood in front of me in the crowded carriage. She was subtly stylish and carrying a Camelia Gucci bamboo bag. Someone got off a few minutes later and luckily for me the Gucci toting lady took the seat. A few stops away from Fifth Avenue she pulled out her badge from her bag and put it around her neck. The MoMA lstaped strap was a dead giveaway. Right then I decided I’d follow her when I exited the station as she obviously worked at MoMA and would be heading there.

                        She carried this bag…

As we neared the platform, we somehow ended up standing next to each other. “What is that thing in his ear?” She whispered. “That thing” was an Apple Airpod and “he” was the gentleman standing in front of us. I told her what it was and after she had quizzed the man about the specific model, she smiled and headed out of the train. I decided to brave it. I caught up with her and explained I was going to MoMA and would be trailing her (I figured it was better than freaking her out by being a constant shadowy presence behind her!)

             …and we got chatting thanks to these!

She smiled brightly and suggested we walk together and once we’d introduced ourselves and had a little chat about AirPods, Christmas and a few random things she offered to give me an overview of what was on at the moment and the must-sees”. It was fantastic. Not only did she lead me to the promised artistic land, she also  gave me a sort of shortlist of must-sees. Of course, everything at MoMA is worth seeing but after a while your brain starts to saturate so it’s good to eek it out. And that`s how thanks to her wise words I ended up making a beeline for the “Is Fashion Modern?” exhibition on the 6th floor (more about that later), the Da Vinci section followed by a few Surrealists and the Louise Bourgeois. Pure stimulating viewing.

Many thanks to you MoMA Gucci lady!

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