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Screw substandard messiahs

Screw substandard messiahs

If there’s one thing we’re now very good at, it’s creating substandard so-called messiahs. How? By making achievement mountains out of work-shy molehills. No matter which field you look at, people and industries are celebrating and inflating the tiniest acts and making them out to be the most incredible achievements. And that’s how people with limited ability and knowledge are suddenly elevated to desirable messiah status. It takes one article to be a pundit, one photograph to be a supermodel and merely owning a camera to be a photographer. People don’t have to aim for something or God forbid, actually achieving anything. Why bother when they can just pretend?

Before, to claim you were something you had to gain experience, research and work on all the relevant skills. You would then start building a reputation by working your way up and hopefully along whichever ladder. Then once you were established tyou would be confident to declare yourself a writer/ photographer or whatever. To have done so before actually being secure in your skills and experience would have been seen as weak, premature and even laughable. After all, why claim to be something when there is almost no evidence to support it?

They’re buying this right?

Luckily for us now, there are no such bothersome obstacles. If you want to be a writer, cobble something together (you don’t even have to spell check if that requires too much effort), publish it and hey presto, you are a writer. The same goes for skills such as photography. Take a few pictures, print them and you can confidently go around claiming you are the new Irving Penn. It’s happening everywhere: from food gurus who have never studied any kind of nutrition in their lives to all sorts of ‘experts’ whose only experience is being alive. All you need are a few resources, boundless amounts of confidence (some would say delusion) and peopleto enable and support your illusion once you’ve managed to fool them into thinking you’re legit – but more about that another time.

Most sane people who want advice on something would rather go and consult someone who has spent time honing their craft and working on their knowledge/ skills than some dumbass (let’s call a spade a spade) who woke up one day and decided to take a shortcut to their dream position.

We are pure bankable…

The best/ worst thing about these fake messiahs – because that is exactly what they are – is that they actually feel qualified and entitled to speak as though they have some kind of authority. And better still they feel that their success in hoisting themselves up through money, connections, manipulation or a combination of all three (basically anything other than work) entitles them to give those who are often more qualified than them ‘advice’. B***h please. Just because some people are willing to follow them – for whatever reason – does not make them qualified or mean they are actually worth listening to.

If we keep encouraging and celebrating those who know nothing and hold them up as the authorities they aren’t, there will come a time when truly useful and knowledgeable experts will be in extremely short supply. We’re already surrounded by far too many stupid substandard so-called messiahs. For the love of God, let’s not spawn anymore.


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